On November 15th, hundreds took to the streets of downtown Chicago, in a show of solidarity with the water protectors at Standing Rock, to take part in the national #nodapl day of action. Across the country people marched to Army Corps of Engineer offices to deliver petitions to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline, while in areas nationally/international without Army Corps of Engineer offices, people organized marches to the biggest donors of the pipeline like Wells Fargo.

Meeting in front of the Picasso Statue in Daley Center, protesters marched to the Army Corps of Engineers Office at 231 S LaSalle Street and delivered 1,500 letters calling for the immediate stop to the pipeline.


The smell of sage was fragrant in the air as protectors chanted things such as “You can’t drink oil, WATER IS LIFE.” Dressed in black or black garbage bags people formed a line creating a human replica of the pipeline complete with large pipes hoisted above persons heads with a two headed paper machete head.



As Chicagoans, we need to continue to work and care for our communities. Taking action will help lead to changes the are needed. Share your stories at chicagorises.org and check out Chicago Stands with Standing Rock’s Facebook page #NODAPLCHI