Streetwise is a street paper that aims to tackle homelessness. The organization offers, employment, housing, and financial literacy for the vendors. Individuals who are unemployed or underemployed can be vendors, receive stable housing, and education to manage their income. And of course, the magazine is engaging!

They provide you with events coming up in Chicago and make sure you know about the good that’s happening to tackle the social issues of homelessness. For example, in a recent issue titled “Mothers Day” there was a piece on the Well of Mercy. The Well of Mercy is a homeless shelter, which offers homeless mothers up to five years of support with on-site childcare, job placement, and daily living expenses. So make sure you get your magazine today and support this awesome organization!

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Streetwise has many opportunities for people to help out or be helped. We all need each other so make sure you are contributing to these engaging street papers. Check out their website here to learn about how you could volunteer, become a streetwise vendor, or get an internship with them.