Collaboration with Project Vision!


Starting in November 2019, Chicago Rises will now be integrated as a high school leadership program at Project: VISION, a youth nonprofit here in Chicago. 

Through providing opportunities for students to experience different career paths while producing uplifting stories, this youth program seeks to be a positive presence in our city in the Chicago Rises spirit. 

    Holistic Youth Development


    The mission of Project: VISION (PV) is to help youth of Chicago’s Chinatown, Bridgeport, McKinley Park, and surrounding communities achieve their full potentials by providing them with tools for educational, personal, and civic development.

    Project: VISION takes a holistic approach to youth development. Their programs help under-resourced youth achieve academic success, develop personal strengths and skills, and build positive attitudes and confidence, preparing them to become well-rounded, socially responsible community leaders.

    Three core program areas aim to help PV’s youth LEARN, encourage them to SERVE, and finally LEAD.

    Since it was founded In 2003, Project: VISION has reached over 750 youth with its free after school programs. Last year, PV served over 220 youth, providing over 32,000 hours of service and helping them succeed:


    Chicago Rises as a Leadership Program

    Starting in November 2019, Chicago Rises will now be integrated as a high school leadership program at Project: VISION, a youth nonprofit here in Chicago. The program is part of the Young Diverse Leaders of Chicago (or YDLC) track and will consist of 25 high school students at Project: VISION.

    Throughout the school year, the students will attend 10 sessions and workshops as they work toegether in cohorts to collectively produce positive stories inspired by Chicago-based people, places, and organizations.

    These students will be managing Chicago Rises by holding positions such as writer, editor, social media manager, web developer, photographer, videographer, community & development, and marketing manager.

    One cohort of students will manage the infrastructure, specifically working on web development, marketing, and outreach. Four cohorts will oversee content production in different areas for Chicago Rises:

    • Locations, historic districts, and/or famous architecture
    • Community figures, including local politicians, influential community members, and longtime community residents
    • Social issues in the city, such as organizations combating homelessness, foundations making a positive impact on literacy, and other areas
    • Organizations, such as non-profits, long-lasting businesses or restaurants

    The Chicago Rises program aligns with Project: VISION’s mission by creating a space for students to become leaders in their community be an instrument for positive change in our city. 

    Our Partners

    Project: VISION is excited to partner with some amazing Chicago literacy organizations on this leadership program. Through workshops facilitated by these partners, the students will learn from experts on how to produce and publish engaging written content and stories. See Our Partners.