Hello Chicagoans!

Thank you for taking an interest in the Chicago Rises’ pay it forward movement. Our team loves experimenting with ways to make a positive impact. #PayItForwardChi is a great idea from one of our team members and we need your help to make it successful! We hope to see these cards circulating the city, leaving a trail of good behind.

How does it work? If you receive one of the #PayItForwardChi cards, do something good for someone. Then take a picture of something that represents the good deed and share it on your favorite social media platform, using hashtags #PayItForwardChi and #ChicagoRises. Finally and most importantly, pass the card onto someone else!

What if you don’t get handed one of these cards? Then pay it forward anyways!

Need help getting started? Here are some examples on how you can pay it forward:

– Give up your seat on the train or bus
– Pay for someone’s coffee
– Pay a compliment to someone you don’t know
– Help someone in need
– Buy a meal for someone who is hungry
– Volunteer at a non-profit organization
– Donate your gently used belongings

We hope you take on the challenge to pay it forward and make Chicago a better community. If you want to add something to the list of ways you can pay it forward, contact us on our site or social media.