Imagine. Chicago’s most focused organizations committed to youth development; libraries, museums, advocacy groups, after-school programs, all coming together as one to create a large network of connection.

Like a giant beehive, Hive Chicago created just that, consisting of a staggering 84 different organizations to create the most accessible opportunities for youth to pursue their dreams.

Some of the opportunities Hive Chicago engages in are hands on work with technology and digital media, collaboration between mentors and peers, links with Chicago schools, and an overall engagement in personal interests like game theory/design, leadership, digital media, etc.

Hive Chicago has even created a section on the website for portfolios of different projects and collaborations all with a variety of themes and interests. To check out all the portfolios visit* 

Just for a brief snapshot on some of the Hive Chicago projects, one of the projects: (PRO)jectUS, focuses on developing skills for fashion design, music production, and new media journalism. Three different workshops are available for learning: style, sound, and media and the end goal is to be able for youth (13-23 yrs old) to be featured on client websites, social media, etc. Not only do young people have the opportunity to delve into their interests, but they also get real professional opinion and the platform to create. This is the goal of Hive Chicago.


For ways you can be involved, or for more information on different projects Hive Chicago supports check out


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