From the Food Chain Workers Alliance, Co-Director, Jose Oliva, shared his experience, thoughts, and goals for the food system. Follow along to learn more about what’s happening and what you can do to help.


 Jose’s journey in the food industry started when he migrated with his mother from Guatemala to the U.S. Like many immigrants, his first job in the U.S. was in the food industry, specifically in the restaurant sector. After gaining this experience he developed a desire to do more so he joined ROC (restaurant opportunity center) and became the policy director. Eventually this organization joined other food worker groups to create the Food Chain Workers Alliance.


Jose makes it clear that the food system does not serve everyone. He also put’s in perspective how large the food industry is in contrast to the low wages the workers receive.



To develop a better food industry for the workers and consumers, the GFPP (good food purchasing policy) was created. This policy is made up of five values. First, the food should be local. The food should come from environmentally sustainable producers. The workers of the food company should be treated well with a fair compensation. The treatment of the animals should be humane. And there should be a promotion of nutritious foods.



This policy was successfully passed in LA, San Francisco, and Oakland. The future cities they plan to work on are the twin cities and Cincinnati. As of now, the alliance is working in Chicago to get this policy passed. To get more involved visit their website here and here. However, it’s important to know that this is just the building blocks to a perfect food system.


Now the question is, what exactly is the perfect food system?


To make this dream a reality we have to be ready to accept that the issues in the food system are real. Everyone plays a part, whether you’re a CEO, young person, parent, or any other identity. With that I asked Jose what exactly would he say to these three type of people.



As you take this in, begin to make the initiative to ensure a better food system for everyone. Learn more about the food you purchase and help us make this policy passes in Chicago. For more detailed information, check out their website here and here.