What does Thanksgiving mean for you? Last night, I received a pleasant reminder on what Turkey day and everyday should mean. I was walking home after some holiday grocery shopping. When I was a couple of blocks away from home, I received a call from my front door intercom. I answered it and a strange voice asked for me.

Apparently I had dropped my wallet just outside Trader’s Joe and this stranger, his name is Jay, picked it up. He then walked to my home about 10 minutes away, going out of the way from his original route, to try to return the wallet.

After he called, I ran to meet Jay on the street. I thanked him and offered him some money since I was so grateful. He politely declined and wished me a Happy Thanksgiving. I then asked for his name and shook his hand. Jay’s actions encompass the spirit that we’re trying to share and spread here at Chicago Rises. Even though this is a simple story, experiencing it, reading it and sharing it can have a huge positive impact. Thank you Jay for the reminder that there are so many wonderful Chicagoans out there. And for reminding us how we can always inspire and uplift each other. We would love to hear your stories!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!