Meet giveNkind

GiveNkind is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization dedicated to re-imagining giving to maximize the impact of a charitable gift for both donors and nonprofits. Through our free site, registered nonprofits can post their in-kind, material wish lists. Donors can also post items they have to give, making the site searchable for both donors and nonprofits.

The two connect directly, allowing nonprofits to receive much needed items free of cost and giving donors a meaningful way and tax deduction to re-purpose their items and impact their community.


Chicago Rises and giveNkind share the same belief that by working together, people can make a lasting positive impact on our community.

Together we want to highlight the work of exceptional organizations that are serving others. We hope that you find inspiration, can connect with and support giveNkind nonprofit partners.

Announcing ShipBob and giveNkind Partnership

giveNkind and ShipBob, a Chicago-based innovative tech and logistics start-up, have partnered to reimagine giving.  ShipBob is warehousing and shipping canceled or returned items donated by their e-merchants. This means that new products will not only be given to...

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Matchmakers for Donations

It's that item sitting in your closet gathering dust. Or you find it hidden in a drawer or your garage. Many of us have items in our home that we no longer need. The best option in most cases is to donate the item so it can be re-used. But have you ever wondered if...

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