Founder Stories is a labor of love, a series of interviews that will bring to the forefront the various social organizations in the city and the heroes behind them! Bringing young women in technology, creating entrepreneurship opportunities for underrepresented teens, using dance as a development tool are some of the ways these Founders are making a difference in chi-town!

We will have coffee with them, hear their stories and their journeys and have some fun along the way!


#CommunityoverCompetition that’s what I keep hearing these days but what does it mean! For me it means collaborating forces with Chicago Rises to contribute to their vision of fostering an interactive community of fellow Chicagoans that shares information and resources with the common goal of improving our city and communities!

We are sharing our resources to bring these interviews to you on the Chicago Rises website where they will be presented in a easy to view format. Hopefully these interviews will lead to bigger conversations! But most importantly they will inspire you to make small impacts and alleviate our social consciousness!

Kamiya Sargoch
Founder | Founder Stories

Panel Discussion with Founders of @Brave Initiatives

#YoungWomen in Technology#Community Impact#EmpathyOur Panel Discussion with the Founders of Brave Initiatives centered around these three areas that they are extremely passionate about and are working day in and out to make an impact in.While some of us are still thinking about how we can make a positive change in our communities these #women entrepreneurs are leading and paving the way for others.#JenKamins, #EmilyHarburg and #AnnaBethune talk to us about their backgrounds, how they got together to create Brave and how they are standing up to the mission of #BraveInitiatives.P.S- Their most famous #instagram hashtag #BeBraveYou can get to know them more on

Posted by Founder Stories on Sunday, January 7, 2018

#JenKamins#EmilyHarburg and #AnnaBethune are the Founders of Brave Initiatives empowering teenage girls to become agents of change in the world through technology! Their programs are focused on solving meaningful community problems through code and design!

Founder Stories Interview with the CEO of The Gray Matter Experience

CEO and Founder of The Gray Matter Experience #BritneyRobbins - Part 1We spent over 3 hours spread across 2 days at the very hip La Catrina Cafe on the West Side of Chicago, talking to Britney Robbins on what it takes to bring #entrepreneurship , #resources, and #access to youth of underrepresented communities.The best part about the entrepreneurship experience that teens get with The Gray Matter Experience is the practical application of it. They have resources to actually build a company, in-fact their first cohort led to the creation of two teen run businesses "Recruiteen" and "Lip-Locker". #SociallyConscious, #Mentor, #Author, #FounderandCEO, #WomenLeader there are so many titles attached to Britney but her biggest contribution is the sincerity and the drive she brings enriching lives of teens and exposing them to the action and innovation that they can then set their sights on!Britney was most recently also a part of the Obama Foundation Summit ! And was able to meet some of her heroes there including #BarackObama!Join us on Instagram for Ice-Breaker videos @founderstoriesofficial

Posted by Founder Stories on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Part 1- #BritneyRobbins, CEO and Founder of The Grey Matter Initiative talks about what it takes to bring entrepreneurship , resources, and access to youth of underrepresented communities. Enriching lives of African- American teens and exposing them to the action and innovation that they can then set their sights on.

Part2: Coffee with Founder Stories with Britney Robbins

Founder Britney Robbins with Founder Stories- PART2In this short Part 2 we discussed what is missing in the current entrepreneurship #courses and #workshops for students of #colour and what can be done to bridge the gap!There is much representation in #africanamerican #communities in music with stalwarts like Beyonce! but is there enough in #technology and #entrepreneurship for young people to see and aspire to be?Oh and also love the cute Graymatter t-shirts!

Posted by Founder Stories on Friday, March 16, 2018

Part 2- The conversation continues with #Britney on how The Grey Matter Experience teaches entrepreneurship to youth from underrepresented communities using experiential learning! How the right kind of representation in entrepreneurship and technology will encourage students to aspire to be tech leaders and entrepreneurs!