(Image from Fransico check his work here)

Food deserts are geographic areas where residents have no access to healthy food options. Many of the people in Chicago affected by this are African-Americans. To make things worse many people in these neighborhoods only have access to fast food restaurants, which can have a great negative affect on their health.

Therefore, I urge you to look into organizations like Food For Freedom. They plan to combat food insecurities but need your help with sponsorships, donations, and service. Make sure you check out their celebration of service with their mission to provide more families with food. I also urge you to start thinking about bottom up ways to create reproductive systems that will allow people in these communities to have an endless supply of food. It is not enough that we donate, we must restructure and implement better opportunities for human beings most affected by systems of inequality.


Check out Food For Freedom here and get in touch with the organization, share some ideas, join, and more.