Parents and educators are taking action in the pursuit of transparency and democracy in school politics. Raise Your Hand for Illinois Public Education (RYH) “engages, informs and empowers parents to protect and strengthen public education for all children in Chicago and Illinois, eliminate inequities in public schools, and work at the grassroots for the public good that is public education,” as stated on RYH’s website.

In the wake of funding issues within Chicago Public Schools [CPS], this group of parents and education professionals collaborated to provide resources for families to better navigate the educational system in Chicago and across Illinois. RYH advocates for the reduction of high-stakes testing, the establishment of an elected school board, the avoidance of school privatization, increased special education services, the protection of student data privacy and the education of families on each student’s rights.

RYH’s website holds a myriad of resources for students and families, including updated educational research, tool kits for understanding school budgets, testing, special education and the contact information of local and state representatives to help make family voices heard. While many of their resources may be found online, one will also see RYH advocating at CPS board meetings and community events, elevating the voices of parents and families.

On the ground, RYH engages the community in workshops such as the “Parents Know Your Rights” workshop where families are educated on their students’ rights in the field of special education. In this workshop, RYH provides families with materials to organize the forms and documents necessary to understand and track their students’ Individualized Education Plans (IEP). In RYH’s Local School Council  Empowerment (LSC) workshops in the near south side  neighborhoods, RYH educates people on the responsibilities of the Local School Council. By providing families with these resources, RYH has not only empowered families to advocate for their own students, but for policy issues which affect whole school districts. Making resources accessible to all, RYH has established a level of transparency, along with a thirst for and ability to create action!

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