If you’ve ever taken a stroll through a Chicago neighborhood park, you may have noticed small patches of plant and soil with wood built around it; a “mini garden.” These mini gardens are actually called “pop-up victory gardens” and have been sprouting all over Chicago as part of a large project called “Peterson Garden Project”.

It all started with one gardener’s vision, LaManda Joy, to inspire, educate, and connect a new generation of gardening enthusiasts and gardeners to continue the urban gardening movement and be inspired to grow their own food organically. It’s not just about gardening anymore, it’s about creating long-time gardeners.

The project hopes to diffuse the skepticism of Genetically modified foods by helping people know exactly what goes in their food through gardening. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert gardener or just a beginner, the project hopes to teach everyone to grow and cook organic food. One of the programs Peterson Garden Project offers is Grow2Give, in which volunteers grow food to donate to local food pantries or other community-based programs. Not only is this an opportunity for people to refine their skills in growing food, but it goes for a good cause as well.

There are also other free programs for youth including fun themes/days like Fresh Fridays and Fresh Cooking day geared to give kids confidence in the kitchen as they get to concoct their own creations while eating healthy as well!

Gardening has become more than just growing, it’s a movement.


If you’ve never tried gardening before here’s your chance!

If you would like to volunteer at Peterson Garden Project here’s the link for more info: http://petersongarden.org/volunteer/

Classes/Events: http://petersongarden.org/classes-and-events/action~posterboard/cat_ids~18,20,17/request_format~html/ 


Photo credit: ucfoodobserver.com