“BUILD’s mission is to engage at-risk youth in the schools and on the streets, so they can realize their educational and career potential and contribute to the stability, safety and well being of our communities.”– BUILD Chicago’s Website

BUILD (Broader Urban Involvement & Leadership Development ) Chicago is located in Chicago’s western neighborhoods (Austin, Humboldt Park, Hermosa, West Town) and Southern neighborhoods (Fuller Park, Brozeville). BUILD Chicago focuses on youth development within these communities.

The three primary program areas are prevention, intervention and BUILDing Futures.



BUILD has a mixture of in school and out of school programs to prevent youth from joining street gangs, committing violence or using drugs. This includes academic assistance, life-skills workshops, social/recreational activities, and service learning projects.

According to their website, “80% of you have avoided negative interpersonal relationships including gang affiliation, aggressive behavior or negative friends.”



BUILD’s intervention program also includes a mix of in class and out side of class activities. This includes Intervention Specialists and Case Managers that engage with youth to “identify issues, seek solutions, mediate disputes and encourage education.”

BUILD’s intervention programs include gang/violence remediation, project BUILD and BUILD peace leagues.

According to their website,“86% decrease in the number of youth in Intervention being expelled from school.”


BUILDing Futures:

BUILD offers college and career prep and youth leadership development. Programs include college access, career readiness and youth leadership development.

According to their website, “89% of Seniors in BUILDing Futures graduated high school and 89% of college-aged youth in BUILDing Futures were accepted into college.”
BUILD also values mental and physical health. They have specialist who work with you to create a safe space for youth, provide counseling sessions and other support groups. Specialists also work with the youth to teach them how to make healthy lifestyle choices, teach about nutrition, fitness and over all health.


BUILD Chicago is wildly successful and is truly making an impact in Chicago. But they need your help. To donate visit their website or learn ways to get involved.

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