About Us


Our Story

It all started with a broken street sign seen from a CTA bus. The damaged sign was an eyesore and safety hazard. Then the questions came one after another…

How long does it take for a sign to be fixed? Does a City of Chicago employee have to notice the sign before it can be repaired? If the general public can report the broken sign to the city, then who do you call or contact?

After discovering that there is a phone number and even a web site page to request city sign repairs, more questions followed… How many people actually know or are aware of this information? What other useful and community impacting information was out there, but was “hidden” or difficult to find? If Chicago residents were more aware of the resources available to them and were able to share it with others, how would they and the city benefit?

Thus Chicago Rises was born.

Our Mission

Uplifting Chicagoans with positive resources, organizations, and stories that inspire us to take initiative



Our vision is to change the conversation in Chicago to focus on the positives of the city and its citizens. Chicago Rises is a place to connect. We want to foster an interactive community of fellow Chicagoans that shares information and resources with the common goal of improving our city and communities. From individuals to organizations, we are all neighbors, and we all have the ability to help make this city great.

What are we looking for?

You! Our neighbors. Get involved! Stay up to date with us too, check back frequently—it’s all about you, and us, and making a connection. It’s time to start getting involved in your neighborhood and city.

Want to do more?

We’re always looking for new information and exciting community opportunities and organizations, but so much goes on in Chicago every single day that we have no idea about. Know of something or someone worth sharing? Help us out, send us a message, and we’ll do everything we can to help spread the word.

Contact us and let us know if you want to take the next step and sign up to become a contributor!


Have information or a story that can help and impact others for the better?

Then share it! Your knowledge can help someone else…