Tourette Syndrome is a disorder that involves involuntary repetitive movements, also known as “tics.”  “The massive misconception of this disorder is that “all people with Tourette’s swear, which is not true. They’re just ordinary people,” said Scott Loeff, President of Tourette Syndrome Camp. This was a driving force for Scott to create this camp, to diminish negative stereotypes and show that people with TS are just like any other human being.

Loeff’s dream was to give children with Tourette’s syndrome a chance to be able thrive in society and have a safe and happy space to be comfortable with themselves. He set out to fulfill his dream in 1994 and founded The Tourette Syndrome Camp.

The camp provides children with TS to gain coping skills and gives them a chance to be able to have a typical week of camp without having to worry about their symptoms and have an overall fun and positive week. In also a week, Loeff says that the children build up a lot of self-esteem and overall confidence in themselves.

Over the years, the camp has grown and expanded from Chicago, having programs across the states like Washington D.C. Iowa, and Indiana.  The organization is non-profit, hosting fundraisers to be able to support Tourette Syndrome Camp. “One thing is 23 years, thanks to fundraising, we have never had to turn a child away,” Loeff said.

The best part about the camp is that about 77 percent of campers have come back to become mentors and teachers. Loeff says that “the staff kind of serves as role models.” There’s no doubt that the organization has created a sense of community.


Visit the camp’s website at to find out more information or to see how you can be involved.

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