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Our vision is to change the conversation in Chicago to focus on the positives of the city and its residents. Chicago Rises is a place to connect.

We want to foster an interactive community of fellow Chicagoans that shares information and resources with the common goal of improving our communities. From individuals to organizations, we are all neighbors, and we all have the ability to help make Chicago better.


Collaboration with Project: VISION!

Starting in November 2019, Chicago Rises will now be integrated as a high school leadership program at Project: VISION, a youth nonprofit here in Chicago. 

Through providing opportunities for students to experience different career paths while producing uplifting stories, this youth program seeks to be a positive presence in our city in the Chicago Rises spirit. LEARN MORE


Empowering Students and Families to Become Self-Advocates

Parents and educators are taking action in the pursuit of transparency and democracy in school politics. Raise Your Hand for Illinois Public Education (RYH) “engages, informs and empowers parents to protect and strengthen public education for all children in Chicago...

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Announcing ShipBob and giveNkind Partnership

giveNkind and ShipBob, a Chicago-based innovative tech and logistics start-up, have partnered to reimagine giving.  ShipBob is warehousing and shipping canceled or returned items donated by their e-merchants. This means that new products will not only be given to...

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One Heart One Soul: Opening Remarks

When I left the Indiana Green line station and walked down the street towards the Belfort House in Bronzeville, I didn`t know what to expect on my first day as an intern for One Heart One Soul. I was very excited; making art and sharing it with new people is always a...

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Call to Action: Grow Your Own Illinois

Students come from numerous social backgrounds, each with their different world views, circumstances and needs. Therefore, teachers need to be prepared to handle that variety of world views. Grow Your Own Illinois, or GYO, understands the necessity for teachers to not...

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